To Bigger and Better Things..

November 29, 2016

I have always been interested in technology and innovation. I always had my own computer, which was uncommon for my generation, but it always kept me organized. I was also the only 15 year old with a PalmPilot, but I would buy the new one today if it meets expectations.

As the world continues to grow so rapidly, we are becoming more incapable of holding so much information at once. The idea that technology has the ability to change everything from a person’s productivity to depression is absolutely incredible. Applications like Dropbox and Evernote help some of the most successful people in the world keep going.

After graduating with a BA in Psychology, I realized it was a subject I loved to study but I could never follow as a career. I had always wanted to help people but psychotherapy was not going to be how I was going to do it. I started volunteering at an art gallery and offered to do their newsletters. As expected, I got sucked into their Wordpress site.

Planning to move closer to home, I enrolled in an intensive 3-week web development program in 2012, involving HTML, CSS and wire-framing. I started an internship immediately after at an interior design start-up. My co-worker taught me how to look at the back of websites and build them from scratch. Together we built an e-commerce website from scratch on the platform Magento. Unfortunately the company could no longer afford us and I needed out.

I got a job at a non-profit as a digital marketing coordinator, where I currently reside. While I love the place and the people, I want to code again. I want to build things and make things bigger and better. And that’s why I am here.

More soon..